Silly cats

(Sidenote to people who don’t like cats: I know some people don’t like cats, fine. I get it. This is not the place for you to complain about them. Ever. The end.)

First of all, let me alert you to this hilarious blog that I found yesterday via Twitter. Now That’s Nifty. Like I said, hilarious.

What’s even more funny is that Milo has found my refrigerator his new favorite hangout spot. He’s hopped in there a couple times before, but he usually just scoots right out.  Well, this morning was different.  At the sound of the fridge door opening, he darted from his spot on the couch, across the living room into the kitchen to jump into the fridge. See photo below.

Milo in the fridge

He stayed in this position for a few seconds, then climbed out.  As I was getting ready to shut the door and go on with my day, he jumped back in, into the lower (much smaller) shelf below. He wouldn’t budge. The coolness must’ve felt nice or something, I don’t know. It was so funny. I finally had to bribe him with treats to get him out so I could go to work. (I didn’t take a picture because most of the time he was in the fridge face-first and I didn’t think a cat butt was worthy of taking a picture of. You’re welcome.)

Anyways, that was my morning. Silly Milo.


One Response to “Silly cats”

  1. mom Says:

    Funny Milo!!!! So cute! :)

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