If I was a Dwarf, I would be Sleepy. Without a Doubt.

My new pillow sucks. I mean it’s super soft and squishy and comfortable but I could NOT sleep last night. Maybe there was more going on than the pillow issue, but still, it was horrible. I had to go get my old pillow to sleep on because I just couldn’t get used to the new one. Sure, I could have worse problems, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I was so tired last night…. why couldn’t I just fall asleep?? I just know that I’m not going to get a ton of sleep this weekend (crazy fun girls night on Friday, then youth group girls sleepover on Saturday… whoa), so I would really like to not go into the weekend already sleep-deprived. Oh well. 

I meet with the doctor next week to talk about my sleep study results. I’m really curious to hear what they have to say.


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