T-minus 6 days to 28

1. I found out this morning that I don’t have sleep apnea, so that’s a relief. The doctors think it’s my antidepressant that is affecting my sleep. Zoloft (which is what I’m on) is a REM-suppressant apparently, and so I will probably have to switch medications. Interesting. In reviewing my report they also told me that most normal people spend at least 20% of their night’s sleep in the REM stage, and I was at 3%. That was also interesting. Definitely shows that I’m not getting restful sleep, and that’s why I can’t get out of bed in the morning. The saga continues… (I’m just sooooo glad I don’t have to get a CPAP.)

2. I’m going to start going to the chiropractor regularly and see if that will help some of my problems. I had an appointment this morning after the sleep appointment and it was very informational. I think it is something that very well might help me.  We’ll see.

3. In less than one week I will be 28. Whoa. Old lady coming through! I’m planning on celebrating my old age with all the young hipsters in Uptown on Friday. :) I’m actually really excited. Cowboy Slim’s is my new favorite spot. Not sure what else is in store for the bday weekend (besides T’s shower and bachelorette on Saturday! woo!) but whatever happens, I’m sure it will be great.


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