A Chiropractic Miracle!

spineOk, so I’ve been going to the chiropractor three times a week for the last two weeks and it’s been going well. One of the things they are trying to help me with is my chronic heartburn. I’ve been taking Zantac for at least a year every day, maybe two. After the first week I made the mistake of telling the doctor that I hadn’t taken it all week long, and to that he asked me if I wanted to give a video testimonial. I had been hearing him ask people if they wanted to do that, but I assumed that they had been going there for months or years, and not just a week. So when he asked me, I was kind of taken aback, but I agreed to do it. 

Well I just found the link online, so those of you who don’t believe it chiropractors, maybe you should check it out. It’s a miracle!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMgVYCQF0LE

In other news, after work today, some friends and I are leaving to go camping along the St. Croix River. Should be a good time. And I’m glad to see that the sun has come out. I’m hoping for more of that!

It’s FRIDAY!!!


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