1,800 Pages

Twilight sagaIt’s official. Over the weekend I transformed into a 15 year old girl. Ok, not really, but hear me out. I started reading Twilight last Saturday while camping. I finished that last Wednesday night. As soon as I finished that, I went to Target to get New Moon. I finished that on Saturday.  I had prepared in advance this time and had already purchased Eclipse. No break in the reading. I started Eclipse on Saturday afternoon and finished it yesterday/today at 1:30 a.m. Whoa.

I read almost 1,800 pages of a young adult novel series in a week and one day. Who am I? 1,800 pages. That is unheard of in my world. I have never done that in my life. What’s even better news though is that I stopped at Target before work this morning to get Breaking Dawn (768 more pages!). It’s taking everything in my power to keep working and ignore the book calling to me from my purse inside the cabinet. HA! I’m such a freak. I’m guess I’m addicted.

Well, thankfully I have the office to myself this week (not that I mean I’m going to be irresponsible and not work), but I can at least work in peace and listen to the music that I like and then if I want to, sneak out and read a couple chapters… :)


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