Whoa, it’s already Friday?

I haven’t written since Monday… What?  Weird.  Well, I finished Breaking Dawn last night, meaning I finished the Twilight saga in less than two weeks. Whoa. I guess I will have to start something else now. Maybe I will give Harry Potter a second chance, considering I still have all of Brad’s books. It will be hard to start something so different right away. We’ll see. I really do like reading though.

I took yesterday off because my stomach was in knots. And not because of the books either, though that could’ve been plausible considering the fourth book is INTENSE. No, I made a fruit pizza for a bbq on Wednesday night and the whole time while slicing all the fruit for it, I ended up eating SO. MUCH. FRUIT. And then, once I got to the bbq and unveiled the masterpiece, I helped finish off about 1/4 of it too (at least). Considering I didn’t really eat anything else that night, I think it was just too much fruit, so little time.

Either way, I’m glad I had more time to read, the books were just so good, so addicting. Now I will just anticipate November 20th — when New Moon hits theaters. :)

Happy weekend everyone!


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