I’m falling apart

Last week when I went for my really long walk around New Brighton, I got ridiculously huge blisters on the backs of my heels. There is seriously something extra sharp about them or something, because I can wear my running shoes only like 10 times before the back material is completely ripped apart. I had to go get some cushion-type things, because the rest of the shoe is practically brand new. 

On Saturday (the night of my reunion and girls night downtown), I wore these super cute red wedge-type heels from Target. I’ve worn them at least three times before, so I thought I would have no problem since they’d already be broken in. Well, I didn’t think I had a problem with them until I got home and realized not only did I have a huge blister on each big toe (one had already popped and was open to the super sensitive raw skin — graphic, I know, sorry) and my little toenail on my left foot had been bent backwards. Woof. My feet kill. Still. And I still have to wear a band-aid on the blister on my right foot (the open one), mostly because it doesn’t look super attractive. Surprising.

The most painful injury from Saturday night though isn’t my existing blisters on my heels or the ones on my toes, but it’s my elbow. What did I do to my elbow, you ask?  I actually have no idea. I either tripped out of my car and braced my fall with my left elbow (though I highly believe that, I think I would remember such an accident), or I ran into a brick wall while walking downtown, or I was telling a very animated story and hit my elbow on something, or something else.  All I know is that I have a huge abrasion/wound of some sort and it’s super painful. I keep bumping it on everything. It makes me feel like a klutz.  Oh well.

I should’ve posted all of this sooner though, so you could’ve all invested in Band-Aid stock.  I think I’ve purchased two boxes in the last 4 days. Now that’s just silly. (nor would that really be worth your investment in the stock market, but whatever.) :)


4 Responses to “I’m falling apart”

  1. b Says:

    you should have posted some pictures. i’m having a hard time imagining what these blisters and bent toenail look like :)

  2. boljen Says:

    grody. pretty sure no one wants to look at pictures of my battle wounds. it’s bad enough that i wrote about them. :)

  3. Timmer Says:

    gross bloms, i almost puked! i have a question, why did you send me a link to an entry on the topic of feet of all things? haven’t we come to the point in our friendship that you know i despise feet? you just gave me one more reason not to read blogs like i used to.
    i hope your feet & elbow get well, but please don’t ever mention your feet, & especially open blisters on them, to me ever again. woof!


  4. boljen Says:

    i didn’t send you a link to anything, what are you talking about? and maybe you should just get over the whole despising feet thing after all. anyways, you should all be happy to know my wounds are now almost completely healed. thanks.

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