It’s [almost] State Fair time!

BU boothYesterday I was out of the office almost all day setting up the Bethel booth at the State Fair. It’s different this year than in past years, and it’s still not totally awesome, but it’s better. More open space. Anyways, it was really hot and sweaty and kind of annoying but still fun nonetheless. At one point while Hammertime and I were setting up the display we were laughing so hard (neither one of us were quite tall enough) one of the workers at the MSCU (MN State Colleges & Universities) table was watching and laughing at us. He was just sitting there. Laughing. Like we know what we’re doing, we’re not professional display installation people. We’re designers and web specialists, shoo. (I’m still curious why we were voted as the display setter-uppers, but whatev.)

Three days until the Fair starts!  Woo!


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