I heart this.

I am not a fan of saying “I heart ____” instead of “I love ____”.  I think that saying is stupid and I will probably never actually say it unless I’m mocking quoting someone. Anyways, there is a site that I love, but it’s called we ♥ it (woof). It’s basically just a site where people share photos of things they’ve found online and “hearted.”  There are some great images, and it’s just fun to browse through them if you have a few free minutes. Anyways, I found this on it this morning and wanted to share it with you here at The Jenna Daily, especially because this morning I woke up (after working 14 hours yesterday — double woof) I felt like I had been hit by a train and did NOT want, nor was I able, to get out of bed. I love sleep (old news).  And I still think something is seriously wrong with me (again, nothing new) because I think I could probably sleep forever if given the chance.

I'm great


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