And when I say later, I really mean…


Since yesterday I was such a Debbie Downer, I am trying to focus on the more positive side of life today. It’s a challenge, but I can do it.

  1. My neck still hurts, yes, but I have a chiro appointment after work, so hopefully that will help.
  3. Therefore, perhaps I will get some groceries tonight. Milk, I will at least get milk.
  4. I don’t have my own office (curses…) but hey, at least I have a job that I really love.
  5. My hand is still scratched and red from Buddy’s attack, but I can be thankful that I have a cat that doesn’t hate me.
  6. I am starting a cash-only budget system starting tomorrow (Oct. 1), to hopefully limit my extra spending (and prevent negative checking account balances and maxed credit cards, woof).
  7. I get to see my long-lost friend Elaine in less than TWO WEEKS!
  8. I am going to organize my closet tonight… baby steps to cleaning the apartment. (Perhaps I will even drop off a couple bags of old clothes/shoes to Savers or something… get rid of the junk!)
  9. It’s sunny today!
  10. And the official start of scarf season! Woo!

The end.


One Response to “And when I say later, I really mean…”

  1. Brad Says:

    i’ll put your $30 check in the mail!!! send it priority.

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