Flushing it out

Seriously, my new meds make my face so hot. Thankfully that seems to be the only side effect that I’m dealing with, though it has only been 2 days.

Last night I was denied donating plasma, so instead I’m going today after work. I went to get my oil changed and as it turned out, I needed a new cabin filter as well as a new battery and cable. Apparently the connection was all corroded and really nasty. Bummer. So that was a more expensive trip to the dealership than I was planning, but at least it’s all fixed up. For now. I still need to get the sunroof fixed, but thankfully that’s covered under the extended warranty. I’m glad my dad talked me into getting that (even though it made my monthly car payment more expensive), otherwise I would be out. of. luck. I’m looking forward to the day (a year from now) when I’m basically driving a freeeeeeeee car. Woooo [button]!

Oh, and it’s FRIDAY!!! And a beautiful sunny day!!! And I don’t really have any plans for the weekend, so I’m super pumped about that!


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