It’s a small world after all…

Well, I was planning on writing every day on vacation, but I forgot. It was such a great week of relaxing, and plus, I didn’t feel like you all needed to hear how annoying the kids by the pool were, or how sweaty I got while laying out, or how amazing the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were, or how AWESOME Florida was every day!!!!! (all those things are real though and did happen, in case you were wondering)

One of my favorite parts of the trip, besides spending some much needed time away and enjoying laughs with my parents, was one day while I was sitting by the pool reading New Moon (catching up again before the much-anticipated movie!!!!), I overheard one of the aforementioned annoying kids say to her sisters, “Look! She’s reading New Moon?!” I looked up from my book and smiled, and there were three younger teenage girls looking at me like we were all new best friends. So, of course, I asked them if they were going to see the movie when it came out (even though I could’ve guessed the answer). They all nodded and then proceeded for the next 5-10 minutes to tell me how many times they had read the books and seen Twilight and how far in advance they bought their movie tickets and how their mom was so excited and how their dad was like “oh girls, just go ahead without me…”  It was really funny, but it was also so cute. I consider myself to be quite a Twilight fanatic, but these girls had me beat. By far. One of the older of the sisters told me she’s read Breaking Dawn 16 times. Sixteen times. Whoa. Either she’s a super fast reader (the 629-page book came out just over a year ago) or quite possibly doesn’t have a life outside of Bella and gang. Either way, it was great. Such a small world.

Now, back to life… back to reality…


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