Boring now comes with boots

What can I say? Where do I even begin???

Ok, my life is… well… boring. So boring in fact that I haven’t written about anything in so long because, although for the last two years all I’ve written about is boring life updates, and whether or not you (my loyal, or not-so-loyal readers) enjoyed reading them, at least I enjoyed writing them. All I’ve been doing the last couple weeks is trying to stay alive (the sickness/cough is still lingering), going to work late (by fault of the sickness… honestly), going home from work, scavenging around for some food in my place, watching Friends episodes, then going to bed. That’s all, folks.

Oh, but one highlight was last week when I decided to go to Old Navy. All my life (well, since 6th grade when my feet stopped growing) I’ve worn size 9 or 9.5 shoes (which is pretty average, if not on the smaller side for a person of my height), but for some reason, I’ve sometimes been able to wear an 8.5 or had to go up to a 10. That seems kind of weird, right? Well, while I was at Old Navy, I saw these boots that were perrrrrrrrrfect. I wanted them so bad. There were three pairs left, two size 6s, and a size 8. Boo. Well, my desire got the best of me and I wanted so badly to have these boots that, even though they were out of my size range, I tried on the 8s and… they fit! They fit like. a. glove. It’s like my feet were created for these boots. They are so comfortable, so warm, so cute, and, for under $40, my new favorite purchase of 2009. I’ll just chalk it all up to a pre-Christmas miracle!


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