He meant holy crap

three things:
1. I had HH with Elaine tonight and it was great. I miss her when she’s in Philly. I’m happy that MN gets to keep her for a few more weeks. tomorrow: downtown Christmas extravaganza!

2. tonight I also filed my property tax refund and I should soon be getting $330 back! woo hoo! totally worth the hassle of filling out those confusing tax forms, but I did it! I guess Christmas won’t be a total bust (at least in terms of the gifts I am able to give). though I was somewhat looking forward to “jenna’s broke and making and/or regifting all your presents this year”. that had potential. :)

3. i just noticed someone commented on one of my fb friend’s status. “u lost 70 lbs? Holly crap.” holly crap! that’s funny (especially since it’s Christmas time) and, if taken literally, sounds kinda painful (especially since I’ve heard holly isn’t the most gentle of flora). ha. holly crap. GTs.

come to think of it, holy crap is also a really funny saying. I wonder who came up with that anyways – Mary & Joseph?


One Response to “He meant holy crap”

  1. missannakay Says:

    ‘ i wonder who came up with that anyways – mary & joseph’
    i legit; am cracking up.
    thank you.

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