I honestly don’t know what they want from me…

In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to say nothing but positive things, but can I just say I HATE OVERDRAFT CHARGES! I hate the bank. I hate money. (ok, I don’t hate money, I hate the lack of it in my life)

I know I’ve said this before, but Puff Daddy & Notorious BIG had it all wrong with their song, Mo Money, Mo Problems. I think I would much rather have the problems that come with having too much money. I don’t know what those problems could be, besides like having to get a bigger wallet, or getting fat because you can actually buy groceries, or I guess, greed or something. Anyways, I know I am richly blessed and shouldn’t complain, but I am SO SICK of being in the red when I’m trying SO HARD to stay in the black. What gives?

Thankfully the next couple days will be all about spending time with loved ones, giving gifts, and focusing on the most important gift that was given to all of us. Merry Christmas to all!


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