there’s a guy at plasma who could be Matthew fox’s (Jack on Lost) identical twin. I sometimes think it might be him. ok, I’m not serious, but he really looks so much like him.

there is another guy who just left (a donor) who looked like Ryan sheckler (the skateboarder). the real Ryan sheckler has a lot of money though, so I’m guessing he wouldn’t have to donate plasma, let alone come to Minnesota to do so.

there’s also a worker who I’m pretty sure wears a Bump-it like every day. that’s weird. either that or her skull is freakishly pointy and tall.

there’s a guy worker whose name is Ken and I like to think his full name is Ken Adams (joeys fake name on friends). he told me a lot about his life once and I thought he had a crush on me until he told me a story about his girlfriend. the other day he walked past my station and, I swear to you, he looked over at me and said, “how you doin’?”

there are a lot of characters here at plasma. it’s a great place to people-watch. that is, until you get caught in awkward eye contact. that’s embarrassing. gts.


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