Photo organization

As part of my motto for 2010 (keep it simple), I want to organize and compile my old photo albums into a better, neater system. I’ve had a box of all my old photo albums sitting in my living room for the last several months and it’s been bugging me, so I finally decided to do something about it last night.

I have about 15 random photo albums ranging all the way from 1986 to 2001, some reeeeeally bad junior high last-day-of-school pics that I don’t even know why I took in the first place, or better yet, some pictures of my posters (yes, hanging-on-the-wall posters, mostly of New Kids on the Block or kittens, if you really want to know) from my room when I was in like 4th grade. Cute. There are some doozies though, let’s just say that. Anyways, I started going through all the albums last night, taking out each photo and organizing them by year. I have gallon-sized Ziploc bags labeled by year (or range of years) and I’m putting all the photos from those years in their respective bags. Once I get all the photos out of the mini-albums, sort through all the ones that I don’t want to keep, and put them in their baggies, I’ll get larger albums to put them all in. I figure I’ll end up with four or five larger photo albums, save some space for storage, as well as have a more concise, archived photo collection. And I can get that huge box out of my living room. Keepin’ it Simple, baby!

Check out a few of these old school photos that I found.



One Response to “Photo organization”

  1. mom Says:

    Love you Jenna bug!!!! mom

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