Just some things

Well I am no longer crabby (which is good, since I posted that like 5 days ago), though I am quite tired. I haven’t taken my nightly melatonin for the last week, to see if my body can more properly regulate itself (in terms of sleep), but we’ll see if it helps. I dyed my hair last week and it’s super dark, but I kind of like it. It turned out darker than planned, but it will fade fast, so in about a week it will be just right. I’ve been going to Substance church the last couple weeks and I like it. I love that it’s so close to me, and the messages have been great. I’m still not sold on it, but I will definitely give it more time. I’m pretty pumped though, I’ve been to church three out of the five weekends in 2010 so far. That’s almost better than all of 2009 combined. Ok, not really (but sadly close).

Alright, back to work I go. Chiro tonight with progress exam, grocery shopping, maybe Shred, then The Bachelor! Go Team Tenley!


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