Here kitty, kitty

I had another really funny dream last night (as I do most nights, I just try to spare you all by not blogging about them). Anyways, long story short my cat (a male, mind you) had kittens. Like six or seven little buddies running around. But they weren’t like normal kittens, they were like suuuuper small, almost like peanut size. And they ran super fast, which was really stressful because I was trying to round them all up and put them in a safe place because I was so nervous someone was going to step on one.

What’s the deal with me and dreams about tiny cats??

Anyways it’s my last day in Arizona, so I’m soaking up the rays as much as I can before I come home tonight.

I love vacation.


2 Responses to “Here kitty, kitty”

  1. mom Says:

    Oh my gosh..this is sooooo funny!!!!! I am still laughing out loud! :)

  2. djbpony Says:

    did they fit on your fingertip? you almost have enough for every finger now!

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