Spring has sprung.

I woke up at 12:57 pm today. Whoa. In some ways that makes me feel super lazy and irresponsible (you know, considering I was supposed to be at work at 8:30 am), but mostly I think I just really needed to catch up on sleep.

Considering it was already 1 pm, I just decided to take the rest of the day off. I’m so glad I did. I just took a walk and it is the most beautiful day ever. I guess yesterday was pretty nice too, but since I wasn’t feeling well (probably forshadowing to today’s sleep-in), I spent most of the day inside watching Sex and the City. I did have my window wide open though, and for awhile I was sitting on my couch letting the sun warm my face and I think I got a little sunburned. :)

All this to say, I am feeling much better now and I am absolutely loving this weather. Spring makes me so happy.


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