Extended Warranty

I’m currently hanging out at Maplewood Toyota while my trusty Camry get its routine maintenance. One of the great things about living so close to work (as well as being less social at times, meaning, generally driving less) is being able to stretch out my oil changes from the standard ‘every 4 months or 5,000 miles’ (or whatever it is). That reminder sticker they put on the upper corner of my windshield says “Schedule your next service by: 2/10 or 59,573 miles” and I pulled into the dealership tonight with 59,585 miles and what month is it?? In two days it will be May 1, meaning I went almost a whole three months longer and still didn’t go that far over on mileage. It’s pretty amazing.

Also, another amazing thing is my extended warranty. I didn’t want to get it when I bought my car because I wanted my monthly payments to be less than $300, but I am now faced with having to get my sunroof fixed (well it’s been broken for over a year, I bet, and with summer coming soon, I would like it to be in working order) and I’m 99% sure that it will be covered. No money out of pocket. Score! (Fingers crossed that 1% chance doesn’t happen today.)


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