Wheaties? Not Quite.

I went to Tank & Tummy, the gas station by my house, (now named On The Run, but that name sucks, so it will always and forever be called Tank & Tummy) this morning, and all I got was a 44oz Diet Mountain Dew and an old fashioned cake glazed doughnut. Not my normal breakfast, but what the hay, it’s Friday, right? Anyways, as I [unashamedly] walked up to the cashier, she’s like, “Hmm. Breakfast of Champions…?” Nothing like a little judgment coming from the GAS STATION EMPLOYEE of all people to start my day. :)

It’s Friday! Celebrate good times, come on!


One Response to “Wheaties? Not Quite.”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Don’t worry, I enjoy stopping at McDonald’s for the huge diet coke for $1 in the morning. Makes me happy.

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