Whoa doggies.

Sorry for my complete abandonment of this blog for the last week (or more, gasp!). Things at work have been good, but very, very busy. Thursday night I was at work until 3:30 a.m. (Friday morning) working on this for Staff Appreciation Day. The problem is that I tend to overcommit (I need to learn how to say no) and then I leave things until the last-minute, not only that, but I need to have everything jusssssst perfect which means I can’t just do anything half-assed (pardon my french).

Anyways, I’m all caught up now, back to normal business, so I can return back to daily posting.

You’re welcome. :)

p.s. I still love my tattoo. (In case any of you were wondering if I was suffering from buyers remorse, I’m not.)


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