Over the weekend I had a dream that I met Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Why? I have NO idea. After my dream I totally woke up with a crush (on JB, that is). Yes, that’s right, I am an almost 29-year-old with Bieber Fever and would absolutely LOVE to go to his concert tonight. I mean, I would be incredibly embarrassed to actually be there (considering I would probably have to go by myself since I wouldn’t be able to drag any of my friends with me), but I would probably wet myself with giddy schoolgirl excitement. What?!  Don’t judge. I don’t actually have a crush on him, he’s MORE THAN 10 years younger than me and he’s what, like, 5 ft tall?! But still.

In other pop culture news, Eclipse officially comes out tomorrow and I, yet again, might wet my pants. Eeeeeeeeeee! I’ve been waiting since November. And after tomorrow (when I go see the movie), I will have to wait a whole dang year and a half for Breaking Dawn to be released. Woof. Oh well. One day (one teen heartthrob) at a time. :)

p.s. Could the weather in MN be any more amazing today? Wow. It’s perfect.


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