Chicago & 29

Wedding weekend in Chicago was an absolute blast. Overarching theme of the weekend was “sweaty,” but regardless of the heat, it was still so much fun. Everything went like clockwork on Friday. My flight got in early. I made the train right before it left. I got to the bus with minutes to spare (to put on my makeup!). I was able to get to the church (only a block and a half walk from the bus stop) with enough time to change into something a little less sweaty. Ceremony was beautiful. Reception was out-of-control fun. I love my friends.

Saturday I walked around downtown with Brad & Tara. Again, sweaty. Like, SO. SWEATY. Also, it was either the Dunkin Donuts (I picked a super lame donut and it didn’t taste very good), or the extreme heat/humidity, or the extra wine from the night before, or a combination of it all, but I didn’t feel well most of the day. After we had a late lunch at Navy Pier inside in the air conditioning I felt MUCH better, like a whole new person (just still sweaty). :) We pretty much just walked around all day on Saturday (besides the sweet boat tour) and braved the crowds (Transformers 3 was being filmed this weekend). Everyone was trying to get photos of the “destruction” and hoping for a peek at Shia LaBeouf (who knows if he was even there), there were seriously so many people everywhere. I think we may have gotten in an aerial shot that was being filmed by a helicopter camera while we were on the boat tour (my only motivation to see the movie). Anyways, weekend was great. Made it to the airport again on Saturday night with no hassle and couldn’t wait to get home and climb into my bed (air conditioning!) and see my pets.

Yesterday was my birthday (day off!) and it was a pretty lazy day, though I got a lot done around the house and was able to have a wonderful and delicious meal with my WHOLE FAMILY! It was the first time in years that the four of us have been together to celebrate my birthday dinner. It was incredibly special to me. Along with that and all the kind wishes from my friends (and acquaintences) on Facebook, I felt so blessed. I feel like 29 is going to be a good year.


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