Already Pretty

Already Pretty is a blog I keep in my Google Reader. It’s written by a Minneapolis woman, and I actually don’t know how I first came upon it, but I love the message it sends to its readers (the tagline is “helping you recognize your own beauty, one post at a time”). Today was a super great list post and we all know how much I love lists.

Ways to Celebrate your Today-Body:

  1. Make sexy eyes at yourself in the mirror. Go on, it’s fun!
  2. Take a tall, cool glass of your favorite beverage. Let it roll down your throat, and feel the coolness radiating through your limbs.
  3. Put on a big, full skirt and twirl, twirl, twirl.
  4. Lie down on a flat, clean floor. Relax your muscles one by one. Now relax the ones you’re still tensing. That floor will feel more comfortable than any bed in the world.
  5. Get someone you love to scratch your back. Or if it won’t mess up your hair, have ’em scratch your scalp.
  6. Put on some scented lip balm. Soft lips + lovely fragrance = focused relaxation.
  7. Think about whose nose you have, whose hair, whose hips, whose eyes. Isn’t it amazing that your ancestors are alive in you?
  8. Go somewhere completely private where no one will see or hear you, turn on your favorite song in the world, and dance. Repeat. Repeat again until you’re good ‘n’ sweaty.
  9. If your favorite song isn’t dance-able, allow me to recommend, “Jump Around.” You don’t know how to dance, you say? No problem. Just jump.
  10. Hug a child who loves you. Do you think that child cares about your pant size or your gray hairs?
  11. Toss your hair around like Rita Hayworth.
  12. Play with a silky scarf. Wrap it around your wrist, your neck, your head until it finds a natural resting place.
  13. Hum your favorite lullaby.
  14. Look up your favorite comedian on YouTube. Laugh your ass off. (Here’s mine, if you’re drawing a blank.)
  15. List the top five things you love best about your body. Write them down. Keep the list in your wallet like a talisman.

(I don’t agree with #4 though, my bed is just too amazing.)

Happy Thursday everyone!


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