The Jenna Every-other-Day-ly

It’s hard to keep up with a blog. The Jenna Daily has turned into more like the Jenna Every-Other-Day-ly (clever, I know).

Anyways, today is Friday and I’m PUMPED. Tonight is girls night with Lacey, Brooke, and Elaine in Uptown. The “trifecta” as we call it: Stella’s, Slim’s, Drink (though we may be switching out the Drink for the new Uptown Cafeteria); it’s where all the fun happens. We’ve also visited Williams (mostly frat boys) and the Independent (a litte classier of a place), but the Trifecta is usually the most fun. And I’m really hoping tomorrow’s weather cooperates, I could really use a few hours baking in the sun. Ahhhh, summer.

Well I’m thinking about leaving work early so I can Shred and perhaps take a nap, since tonight may be a late night. Plus, I’m about to fall asleep right here at my desk. Wooooooooofers.

Ok, happy weekend everyone, and thanks for not giving me crap about taking forever to update the blog(s).


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