Paring down

What a great weekend… wonderful friend hang outs, great sleeping in and naptime with Milo, got laundry and organizing done, fantastic family time by the pool and for dinner. Just overall, good times. My dad and I were talking yesterday and I proposed attempting a Caffeine-Free September. CFS, if you will (I just made that up). We both drink a lot of pop (all caffeinated for the most part), and I’d just be curious to see how my body would react and, more importantly, if I could even hang in there for a full thirty days. Plus having my dad going through it at the same time, I’d have some accountability, which would be great. More updates to come, once September draws closer.

On a completely different note, I’m thinking of deleting some of the facebook friends from my list that I don’t really ever interact with. I love facebook, and like I’ve said before, I’m comfortable with all my fb friends that if I saw them in real life, I’d say hi and/or wave politely. But, come on, I have 1,170 friends. I can stand to get rid of a few. They won’t miss me (they’ve probably already hidden me, as I’ve done to them), and I doubt they’d be offended. It’s just another way I’m trying to Keep it Simple. No hard feelings, folks.


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