Redecoration station

I just got a sudden urge to redecorate my place. Not necessarily buy anything new or do anything too extreme, but just pare down (again… I’m sensing a theme) all the junk and/or rearrange furniture, or… something. I’ve lived in my one bedroom, one bathroom condo for over three and a half years and it’s basically looked the same the entire time. I don’t know, maybe I’d paint a wall too, who knows. I just feel antsy to do something.

Also, I’m getting SOOOOOO excited for students to come back. It’s my most favorite time (besides constantly hearing the question, “How was your summer????”) because there is so much energy on campus compared to the quiet, slow summer. Football players moved in and started practice yesterday, so the buzz is just beginning. It makes me so excited. Plus, students being back means one important thing: the DC is open again!!!! Woo!


One Response to “Redecoration station”

  1. mom Says:

    Just had to tell you that I LOVE your ‘redecorating’ on this site!!! :) Soooo cute…just like you! :)
    (p.s. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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