This weekend was pretty uneventful (though I spent Friday night with my wonderful brother… I loved it!), I spent all day Saturday organizing and cleaning my place, it felt great to clean up piles of stuff and do laundry and all that other stuff I’ve been putting off forever. Sunday (after a lame class at Pottery Barn but an amazing brunch at Zumbro Cafe with Lacey) I went to sit by/in the pool at my parents house. I came home afterwards completely sunburned, almost as if it was the beginning of the summer. Granted, I wasn’t wearing sunscreen, but come on, it’s late-August, I have more than enough of a base tan. Then it hit me, I forgot that I have been taking tetracycline the last couple days and it makes your skin extra sensitive to sunlight. Great. Oh well, I guess I’m extra bronzed now.


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