Six Years

Yesterday I blogged about the last five years, don’t worry, today I’m not going to go back another year… but I will say that today is my SIX YEAR anniversary of starting work at Bethel. Woo hoo! It was six years ago today, September 2004, that I started temp work that was only going to last “two weeks to a month” while I helped get the office caught up after the University name change. Who knew I’d still be around after all these years? They really have flown by. I feel very lucky to work at a place that I get to do what I love, that has a strong mission and vision, that has a great faith-based community, and that makes me feel young (even as I’m rapidly growing old).

Lots of memories I could share, but I will spare you (since most of you probably wouldn’t know what/whom I’m referring to anyways)… I will just say I’m lucky to have a great job (and my own office)! PTL!

And, PTL… it’s FRIDAY!!!


One Response to “Six Years”

  1. mom Says:

    Praising God too!!!! Wow, 6 years…amazing! :)

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