You know what’s annoying?

Ok, a lot of things are annoying. I’m currently bothered by light bulbs. (I know, DRAMA!) I have this round lamp thing at work that I got at IKEA and the bulb, after six months of daily use) the bulb burned out on Monday. I bought one 15-watt T-type bulb (which the lamp specifies as the type of bulb to get) at Target the other night. Yesterday I brought said bulb into work to replace the burnt out one. The two bulbs looked identical. Well, the new bulb does not screw in. Not gonna happen. Annoying bulb 1, Jenna 0.

Today on my lunch break I went to Target to see if I accidentally bought an extra wide 15-watt T-type bulb or something dumb, so I bought another one (you know, sometimes the same pair of jeans, same size, same store, fit differently? Maybe light bulbs are similar?). Well, light bulbs and jeans are not similar. Didn’t screw in. Again. Annoying bulb 2, Jenna 0 (now, also out $7).

Do I really have to go all the way to IKEA to find a 15-watt T-type bulb that will fit?? Seems a bit ridiculous to me (or is it smart?)… Good thing I love IKEA so much or I’d be really annoyed.


One Response to “You know what’s annoying?”

  1. Driving Lights Says:

    light bulbs are good for lighting the home but stay away from incandescent lamps because they generate so much heat .’,

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