This morning, I had a doctor’s appointment for a routine check up. Well, I got to the doctor a TAD late, like 9:05 instead of 9:00… and I forgot my glasses at home (so I was a little blurry), so i was a TAD out of it anyways.

I was only in the waiting room for approximately 2 seconds when the nurse called my name (I thought she was so prompt because I was late and they were just waiting for me to get there, either way, it was nice not to wait!)

It wasn’t until she had taken ALL my vitals, double checked all my health history in the computer, etc… We had been in the room going over stuff for at least 10 minutes, when she said my immunization form needed to be added. I was like, that’s weird, I’ve been coming here for years, I’ve even received shots here before, the last one was like a year ago. She was like, oh Kevin…

KEVIN??? I’m not KEVIN!

Apparently from the waiting room, I heard “Jenna” when she really called “Kevin.”

I’m sure the real Kevin was sitting there wondering why some girl got up and started following the nurse back when she called his name…

Hahaha, I haven’t been able to stop laughing about it all day. I can’t believe I did that. They really should confirm the patient with a telephone number or birthdate or something. That’s just embarrassing. :)


3 Responses to “Kevin!”

  1. cocktailsattiffanys Says:

    AH! Home Alone! I absolutely LOVE that movie and it made my whole day to see that clip, thanks!

  2. Molly Thomas Says:

    Hilarious story, Jenna!!

  3. mom Says:

    Dear Kevin..oh, I mean, JENNA! :) That is too funny!!!! I am still giggling about this! :) I can’t believe you forgot to tell me this when I was on the phone with you last night! HILARIOUS!!!!

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