NY ♥s me too

I would just like to say:

I had a great time in New York visiting Lacey. We walked all around Manhattan, probably putting in at least 10 miles a day. We ate at some great places, we got into some hot clubs (ok, one, thanks to our new friend Simon), we met up with a couple other friends, had a lot of good laughs and conversations, and I just absolutely LOVE that city. If it wasn’t for my great job, great place to live, the proximity of family and friends, I would totally move there. There is a distinct energy in NYC, unlike any other city I’ve been to. The people, the sights, the sounds, the smells (some good, some BAD)… everything. It’s incredible.

Perhaps in another post I’ll go into more detail about last Friday night, our VIP rockstar night on the town. It was surreal. At one point Lacey turned to me and said, “I’m so happy I might cry!” Haha.

My flight got in late Tuesday night, so I’m slowly getting back to reality. I went to LA Fitness last night and had an intense arm workout. I can seriously barely fully extend my arms today, my forearms KILL. Oh well, gotta stick with it. Thankfully I walked so much in NY that at least I got plenty of exercise while I was gone, and I wasn’t just sitting on the beach all day or something. (That reminds me, I’m leaving for Florida in a MONTH!)


One Response to “NY ♥s me too”

  1. Nathan Marcello Says:

    New York is amazing.

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