1. I’ve been drinking so much water today, therefore…
  2. I’ve been to the bathroom a lot.
  3. I’ve also been eating a gazillion York pieces (leftover from Becky’s shower yesterday).
  4. I can’t stop. YUM.
  5. My arms are finally back to normal after last week’s mega arm workout.
  6. I can actually move them and the swelling has gone down.
  7. When I woke up on Saturday morning and was able to extend my arms, I think I actually let out an exclamation of joy.
  8. And then I laughed at myself.
  9. I’m looking forward to my workout tonight.
  10. That’s not normal for me. But good.
  11. Hopefully I won’t push myself SO hard this time.
  12. I have a Halloween party on Saturday.
  13. I don’t have ANY clue what I should dress up as.
  14. My cursor just disappeared from my screen.
  15. Weird.
  16. Oh, there it is again. (Not like any of you know/care about this.)

Happy Monday everyone! I’m outta here. (Work, that is, not life.)



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