Oh Yeahh!! Weekend’s here, yeah!

It’s officially COLD today in Minnesota. BRRRR! I actually wore MITTENS. And I wasn’t planning on wearing my scarf as part of my outfit today, but I can’t take it off for fear that I will be just too cold to function. I know it’s that time of year when the temperatures drop, and I know we’ve been super lucky with amazing fall weather, but seriously folks, it’s SO COLD. I guess I’m just not ready for winter weather yet.

I am ready for Halloween though! Well, almost. Just a few finishing touches and I should be all set for tomorrow’s par-tay. And tonight I’m getting together (un-Halloween-related) with some girlfriends from church that I haven’t seen in forever and I’m really looking forward to it.

Oh, and last night after my workout, I went and met some coworker friends at Aster Cafe (St. Anthony Main) and enjoyed warm drinks, good laughs, and the music of Scenic Roots, a [relatively new] local bluegrass band. They were amazing. And the caramel apple cider drink I had was so delicious.

Happy Friday/Halloween/weekend everyone! Stay warm!

(Title is a Jersey Shore reference. Last week was the finale and I kind of miss it already. Sad. On so many levels.)


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