I’ve opened my WordPress dashboard several times every day since I last posted (well, only the last 3 days) and I keep getting distracted.

First, Halloween was a hit. I was a vampire (not one in particular, maybe just myself-turned-vamp) and my red eyes were amazing (if I do say so myself). They were super creepy. Here’s a photo (with Emily, meow, at Stella’s):

It was a really fun weekend.

Second, Monday marked my four-year anniversary of officially working at Bethel. It seems like so much longer than four years, but considering I started as a student worker ELEVEN years ago, that’s probably why. :)

Third, I’ve been crazy about working out. Not actually crazy, maybe I’m just actually enjoying it. It fills my evenings with something good (instead of chowing down in front of the tv for hours on end), and I can tell I may not have lost weight, but I just feel better about myself. So that’s good.

Fou… nah, I’m gonna stop at 3. It’s November 3rd; it seems only fitting.

(I’m a dork.)


One Response to “Three”

  1. mom Says:

    A cute dork though!! :)

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