Perfect Nap Weather

It is SOOOOOO nice out today.  I just went outside for 15 minutes as part of my lunch break and it would’ve been PERFECT to stretch out on a blanket and take a little nap. Not only are my eyelids extra heavy this afternoon, the weather is amazing. I can’t believe it’s 68º in November. In Minnesota!?! I love these kind of surprising and beautiful days. Makes me look all the more forward to my upcoming trip to Florida with the fam. We leave Saturday morning (3.5 days!!!) and I am SO excited to feel the warmth of the sun on my body. (Hopefully the lump on my shin will have diminished by then… Waaaa.)

After work I’m going to LA Fitness (like every other normal day), but today I’m having my one month evaluation to see if I’ve lost any inches or lowered my body fat percentage… I’m really hoping for some encouraging results (considering I’ve been there 23 of the last 33 days, including the 6-day NYC hiatus). I don’t have unreasonably high expectations because I do know that getting in shape is a process, but I also know I have put a lot of time and effort into working out, so hopefully there will be something to show for it. That’s all. :)


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