30 by 30

Here is my long awaited 30-things-to-do-before-I-turn-30 (or, shortened, 30 by 30) list. I have just over 8 months to complete these tasks. Wish me luck!

30 by 30

  1. Bake a cake from scratch
  2. Be a bridesmaid in a wedding (completed Dec. 30; Becky & AJ)
  3. Do something that scares me
  4. Dye my hair a color it has never been before (completed Jan. 12; Soft Black)
  5. Get another tattoo/piercing
  6. Go skinny dipping
  7. Go snowboarding
  8. Go to a professional sporting event (other than Twins) (completed Dec. 20; Vikings vs. Bears)
  9. Go to Al Anon at least once
  10. Go to Las Vegas
  11. Have $1,000 in savings
  12. Have a housewarming party (Feb.?)
  13. Lose weight (10+ lbs.) (completed Jan. 2011; going for 10 more!)
  14. Make/organize file folders at work
  15. Organize all printed photos (pre-2003) and put into albums
  16. Pay off laser treatments
  17. Read 15 books
  18. Read The Bible from beginning to end
  19. Redecorate my condo (even just paint) (in progress!)
  20. Run a 5K
  21. Start a website/blog for freelance design business
  22. Take another class through Community Ed
  23. Take a road trip (5+ hrs)
  24. Take care of varicose veins
  25. Travel out of the country
  26. Travel to NYC to visit Lacey (completed Oct. 14-19)
  27. Visit grandparents in AZ
  28. Volunteer somewhere
  29. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  30. Watch 30 movies [preferably but not necessarily new]

One Response to “30 by 30”

  1. sportsjim81 Says:

    I like your list. I have started a blog of my own here on wordpress of my 30 before 30 journey (there’s also sports related content because I plan to use it as a sports blog after the big 3-0 birthday). Anyway, check mine out if you get a chance. http://sportsjim81.wordpress.com.

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