Well, the results are in. As I posted yesterday, last night I went to LA Fitness for my 1 month evaluation.

Turns out, I didn’t have great results. I lost a couple inches overall (maybe 6″ total, 3″ in my waist alone which is pretty cool), lost 2 pounds, and I increased my strength and flexibility, but the thing I’m most disappointed in is my body fat percentage didn’t drop AT ALL and my cardio, get this, got WORSE. I honestly don’t know how that’s even possible. I was pretty discouraged last night, but I’m still sticking with it because I know I can do better. I also know I haven’t done a dang thing to improve my nutrition, so I figure if I start eating healthy maybe then I’ll actually see some better results.

We’ll see. I’m going tonight for my first official training session. It’ll probably kick my butt, but I guess that’s a good thing.


One Response to “Results”

  1. nat Says:

    I’m a random blog reader and I happen to read yours once in a while, and enjoying it :). I can’t resist commenting on this post: you might wanna read up about overtraining (e.g. wiki), this is serious and often a problem for enthusiastic beginners. So as weird as it might sound, but maybe you’ve overdone it (happened to me several times ;))

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