Upcoming To-Do’s

Some things I would like to do over
Thanksgiving and/or Christmas break(s):

(more as a reminder to myself, but in case any of you care, enjoy…)

  • Paint at least one of the rooms in my condo
  • Organize all my books by color (might need to get a new bookshelf too… IKEA anyone?)
  • Sort through all old magazines and recycle the ones I don’t want to keep (or bring them down to the community “library” in my building)
  • Keep going to LA Fitness, even though I probably won’t want to
  • Change my furnace filter
  • Make some tissue paper pom poms for office Christmas décor
  • Sleep in as much as possible
  • Get my hair cut (just trimmed)
  • Put my jewelry away (all the items I’ve worn since, say, JUNE are strewn about the top of my dresser… annoying.)
  • Go to Becky’s bachelorette party (!)
  • Be a bridesmaid in Becky & AJ’s wedding (!!!!!!)
  • Have something awesome to do for NYE (anyone have any fun plans yet?)
  • Think of a motto for 2011
  • Other ____________________


One Response to “Upcoming To-Do’s”

  1. becks Says:

    A little slice of heaven in 2011?

    Reliving 2007 in 2011?

    Dating men named Kevin in 2011?

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