Hair Color Poll

Do blondes really have more fun???

“Blondes have higher risk of melanoma; brunettes have more hair loss; redheads get more action…” –

“Blondes are sexy, redheads are hot-headed, and brunettes are good girls. Is this the message your hair color sends?” –

“Everybody has a haircolor, but what does yours say about you? You may be a blonde but your attitude may say you are a brunette…” –

“Whether you’re a fiery red, a blonde bombshell, a brunette babe or a silver fox, your hair color reveals something about you to other people. ‘Color is such an important factor in many of our lives that we often don’t realize the signals we receive from it,’ writes Lynne Chapman, hair editor for ‘Just as red means stop and green means go, our minds perceive colors as messages telling something about what is to come, the atmosphere or a personality.’ Whether you intend it or not, your hair color could affect other people’s first impression of you. This may be a subliminal message, but it’s a powerful one.” –

Despite what other sources may say, one of the items on my 30 by 30 list is to dye my hair a color it has never been before (I should add, and still keep it natural; there will be no Katy Perry bright blue hues on my head anytime soon). Below you will see some photoshopped examples of what I would look like with different hair colors and I would like to take an informal poll to help me decide which color to go with. Take a second to look at each photo individually (sometimes the surrounding images can affect the way you see the others) and then cast your vote. I will most likely make the switch sometime after the new year. I look forward to your opinions!


“Blondes have higher risk of melanoma; brunettes have more hair loss; redheads get more action” –

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