I’ve got a fever

Don’t hate. Everyone has their own taste in music, and it just so happens that (among other types) I enjoy Top 40 hits. And I’m not gonna lie, the Teen Pop and Justin Bieber stations on Pandora are my most-listened to (especially while working out).

I may or may not have Bieber Fever, but I do think Justin Bieber is incredibly talented. Who cares if he’s 16 and has a kinda girly voice and a distinct shaggy hairstyle and whatever else people hold against him. He can sing. And he’s putting out hit music. It’s catchy and it’s all about love and it’s easy to sing along to. I spontaneously purchased his acoustic cd at Walmart on the way to Rochester the other day, and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. I love it. Don’t hate on my taste in music just because it may be different than yours.


One Response to “I’ve got a fever”

  1. becks Says:

    Who’s a hater? I should swipe this post and substitute “Hanson” for Justin Bieber and send it to the haters.


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