Cabin Fever

This weekend, as you have all heard (I’m sure), the entire Midwest was hit with a major winter storm. Minnesota received up to almost two feet of snow in some parts. It started snowing around 10 p.m. (in New Brighton) and kept going all throughout Saturday, finally tapering off early Sunday morning. It was crazy.

Thankfully, since I have no life and no responsibilities (as far as outdoor maintenance – shoveling, snow-blowing, etc. – goes), I was holed up in my condo for more than 48 hours. I think I only talked to one person, my mom, on the phone twice for a total of 30 minutes the entire weekend. (I admit, I did talk to Milo and Finny a couple times just to feel like I had some kind of company.) It was nice to not feel like I had to bundle up and shovel a driveway or run and do anything, and the two plans I had on the calendar got canceled. It really would’ve been in my best interest to have taken a few minutes on Friday night (before the snow) to stock up on some food; I think I had ice cream for at least two meals. (Brrrrrrrr!) I watched so much tv, I actually felt guilty. I didn’t know I could be so bored. Oh well, it all worked out fine, I cleaned Finny’s bowl and wrapped a present and cleaned a little bit, but I was actually excited to leave my (heated!) garage this morning and re-enter the land where other people exist!

p.s. The dome better get fixed before next Monday’s game, I’ve been looking forward to my annual Vikings date with my dad all season!


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