Ten Thousand Plus

On a whim this morning (maybe in honor of my 1/2 birthday, knowing I only have 6 months until I turn THIRTY), I decided to re-subscribe to Match.com. I’ve been a member for over two years but have had an on-and-off again subscription (allowing me to communicate with other subscribers or not). For any of my long-time readers, you will know that I haven’t had good luck on Match. [Massive understatement.] Many of my friends have met great people (some of them, their spouses) online, so what’s my deal?  I’ve been out with one guy that I’ve met online. Ok, two. What is it?? Seriously! I want to know.

Almost a year ago, I posted that my profile had been viewed 6,700 times. Well folks, almost a year later, check this little screenshot out:

Awesome. Over ten THOUSAND views and what do I have to show for it? TWO dates? Awesome.

I’m still not giving up. (In case you were curious.)


One Response to “Ten Thousand Plus”

  1. Jen Says:

    One word: Eharmony! I feel like its not so overwhelming – they send you a bunch of matches that you are super compatible with {although, er, um…obviously I’ve had my fair share of NOT compatible matches!} :) But there have been a lot of really great people as well…

    Keep us “posted” on how Match goes :)

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