Smitten Kitten

It’s already the 11th of February and I’ve only been to the gym once all month. I have to get my butt back in gear if I want to get my insurance reimbursement, if nothing else. I’m going tonight for a training session and it will be good to get back in there. I truly have missed it, but I will admit I’ve been busy hanging out with AW (the new boy) and that is much more fun. I’m totally smitten.

And in other news:

  • Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” movie was released today and I seriously can’t wait to see it. I definitely have the Fever.
  • I was looking at my 30 by 30 list and realized that it would take approximately $3,500 to complete all of the remaining items. That’s about $700 per month. (Thankfully my upcoming trip to Arizona is only costing me $5 (since I am using frequent flyer miles) — SCORE!) I’d love to be able to cross everything off the list, but we’ll see. That’s a lot of money.
  • I’m currently in the middle of sickness #4 of the winter. What gives? I barely ever get sick and I haven’t been feeling well for the last two months straight. Boo.
  • I slept over 14 hours the other night in hopes to get rid of this sickness. I don’t know if it worked or not, but I felt so much more awake the last couple days. I wish I could sleep at least 10 hours every night. That would be a miracle.
  • I need to get a haircut/trim.
  • I need to paint my nails.
  • I need to pluck my eyebrows. Maybe I’ll try waxing them.
  • I’m SO excited for Lacey to come home tomorrow and to go out with her tomorrow night. TRIFECTA!!! Even though she’ll only be here for a week, it will be so great to catch up on each other’s lives.
  • All that talk of sleep just made me really look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Yum.
  • A-Dubs is actually an amazing man. I feel super lucky. This may be my first every Valentine’s Day with a Valentine. :)
  • Milo is still the best cat ever. I don’t care what anyone says.

I could probably go on forever, but I have work to do. Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy the warm(er) weather!



One Response to “Smitten Kitten”

  1. mom Says:

    Love reading your blog!!!

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