Last night A-Dubs asked me if I liked Bare Minerals makeup because a friend of his ex-girlfriend left some makeup at his old condo and he just came across it when he moved stuff out of storage this weekend, and he wanted to give it to me. Turns out it was easily $500 worth of products and brushes. I secretly (or not so secretly) loooooove makeup and, even more so, I love good makeup. And this is good stuff, plus it has practically never been used. I was/am so excited!!!

The other day, I made a deal with Brad and my payment was in the form of the Cute Overload calendar that I’ve been wanting. I received it in the mail over the weekend and it was so fun to look through over a whole month’s worth of cute animal photos. Best deal ever! (Don’t worry B, I will follow through on my end soon.)

I’m only two days away from being only five months from my 30th birthday, and I have only crossed out 10 things on my 30 by 30 list. There is at least one item that I can almost guarantee won’t be fulfilled, but we’ll see. Just wanted to keep you all updated (and myself motivated).

p.s. Going to Uptown with Lacey and Elaine tonight, I’m SO excited. A-Dubs and Mikey might make an appearance too, which would be fun.

p.p.s. I don’t know how I feel about the nickname A-Dubs, but I’ve used it enough times now (though, not to his face) that it may have stuck. Hmm.




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