Cows are coming home

So… what’s new? So much has happened since I posted last, yet nothing really to report. Things are pretty much back to the way they were (since the last time I posted).

When I’ve abandoned my blog for any amount of time, I try to make quick summary lists to keep everyone up to date. Here’s my succinct (hopefully) list of goodies:

First, I’m so tired today I can barley (yes, that was an intentional misspell) keep my eyes open and my head up. I am seriously considering hitting up my nap nook (even for just 10 minutes) or going to find an empty cushioned couch to snooze on for awhile in the library, or in a booth at 3900 Grill. I only have another 2 hours until we get to leave… this day is taking forever. Woof.

Um, hello?! These look amaaaaaazing! Oatmeal Carmelitas from one of my favorite blogs, Little Birdie Secrets. YUM.

Now that it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day (woo hoo!) it’s almost the 19th, which means I only have four months to cross some stuff off my 30 by 30.

Until then, I’ll be hitting snooze until the cows come home. Whatever that means.



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