Guard Rail to the Rescue

Last night (well, more like early this morning, 12:25 a.m.) I was coming home from Uptown with A-Dubs and Scottie. The roads were in terrible condition due to the snow/ice/slush covering them, but I am a good driver and was being very cautious. Right after I got onto 35w North from 94, I lost complete control of my car and we slid right into a guard rail. There was nothing I could do. The impact was minor, felt again like bumper cars (similar to the sensation when I hit the deer in 2008), everyone was ok and my car was still drivable so we proceeded. After getting to Scottie’s to assess the damage, I realized how lucky we were. It could’ve been much worse. All of the damage is on the passenger side, mostly in the wheel well areas. My alignment is totally messed up and I lost a hub cap, but other than that — at least from the look of it — it’s mostly minor body damage. Hopefully once it gets into the shop they don’t find major issues with the frame or anything, but thankfully I have good insurance. It’s just such a hassle.

Praise the Lord no one was injured and we were able to get home safely… that’s all that matters.

In other news, I’m having my cousin Bayley and two friends over tonight for dessert (I made chocolate cake with raspberry/almond topping and ice cream–um, hello?! YUM!), laundry (they’re college students), crafts, and good girly conversation. Who knows what else. It’s just much-needed girl time and I can’t wait!


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