After today, I will have worked out at LA Fitness more this month than the whole month of February (keep in mind that it is only the 5th). It feels so good to be back on track. I never realized just how important that balance was to me, until I got knocked off balance. Either way, it feels good.

In other news, I will be leaving in approximately 48 hours to go to the airport to leave for LAS VEGAS! My dad is taking me on a semi-birthday-gift semi-cross-something-off-my-30-by-30-list trip, and regardless of the reason, I’m so excited! It will be fun to get away, have a change of scenery, explore the infamous “Strip”, spend some quality time with the best dad in the world, relax in the sun (fingers crossed!), see some shows, and hopefully win a little money. I’m only a little bit kidding on that last one… I calculated the other day that I somehow need to come up with about $1,500 by the middle of this month. Not possible without a miracle  (or a lucky pull on the slots?!), so we’ll see. I’m feeling lucky.


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